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How to book your appointment
with Kathleen Kinesiology....


To book a Kinesiology or Reiki Appointment with Kathleen, you can head to my booking site by clicking on the "Book Appt" button, which will take you directly to my online appointment booking system.

Kathleen sees both Children and Adults

Monday      *By appointment only, please message Kathleen directly for a Monday appointment availability.

Wednesday    10am till 7pm

Thursday        2pm till 6.30pm

Friday             10am till 4pm

Saturday        10am till 3pm (x2/month)

New Client Form: 



Kathleen Kinesiology Wellness Clinic

Level 1, 15/1253 Nepean Hwy





What is Kinesiology?


Kinesiology is a gentle, yet powerful natural therapy. It can support the emotional and physical wellbeing. 

Using gentle muscle testing, it’s a natural bio-feedback mechanism which supplies information via the nerve pathway and meridian systems of the brain and body, known as our subconscious. It determines where there is an imbalance in the body.



Appointment Cancellation Policy

Kathleen Kinesiology Policy is 24hrs notice for all appointments. 

Clients receive a reminder by email and text, of their scheduled and confirmed appointment - 48hrs prior to their appointment time.

Client will be subject to cancellation policy if they cancel within 24hrs or less or Fail to Arrive to appointment. 

* Day of cancellation of appointment, Client is subject to cancellation policy and are to pay FULL FEE of appointment.

* If 24hrs notice is given of cancellation of appointment, Client is subject to a cancellation policy fee of $50. 

* If Client Fails to Arrive (FTA) to scheduled and confirmed appointment, they are subject to 24hrs cancellation policy and are required to pay Full Fee of appointment. 

Thank you for your support & understanding. 

Kinesiology Initial Consultation /Long Consultation -

90 minutes

In Person/Online: $150

Kinesiology Standard Consultations -

60 minutes

In Person/Online: $100

Kinesiology Student Prices 0-18yrs -

60 minutes

In Person/Online: $85

Kinesiology Student Prices 0-18yrs - 30 minutes

In Person/Online: $45

Reiki Treatment Consultation -

60 minutes 

In Person/Distance Healing: $95

* Pre-paid packages also available for Kinesiology & Reiki sessions, contact Kathleen to find out more

Payment Policy

All in person Kinesiology & Reiki sessions are to be paid in full on the day of your appointment. 

All Online Kinesiology & Distant Reiki sessions are to be paid in full prior to your appointment. 

Kathleen Kinesiology accepts payment methods currently, either by cash or Bank Transfer and also credit card payments, using Square which include a small processing fee to be paid by the Client.

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