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White Sand and Stone

Sound & Meditation

with Reiki Healing

What you will enjoy.......

It's time to give back to yourself.

This nurturing hour is designed to support you, your mental, emotional and physical health & well-being.

Create the time and space for your mind, body, and soul to heal, both mentally and physically.

This is a time for you to support and nourish your own heart space, bringing you back to a place of self-love again, a time for nurturing. 

 Mindful Breathing 

  • Center your focus on your breath, allowing the calming rhythm to further deepen your state of tranquility.

Gentle Movement 

  • Integrate gentle, mindful movements to release any physical tension. This is about awareness of the body, complementing the stillness cultivated during meditation, bringing awareness to "how am I feeling, what am I feeling" in my physical body.

 Mindful Reflective with meditation 

  • Begin with a grounding meditation to set the tone for your Sunday journey. Cultivate a sense of presence and mindfulness as you prepare rest your mind, body and spirit.

Sound Bath with Reiki Healing

  • Be taken on a journey with the healing vibrational sounds of Tibetan singing bowls, crystal bowls, chimes, and other soothing instruments. The resonant sounds create a serene atmosphere, inviting you into a deep state relaxation. You will also be supported with some Reiki Healing from Kathleen during this time of deep relaxation and rest, allowing the energy of your body to rebalance and settle. 

This 60-minute Sunday Sound & Meditation with Reiki Healing, is a profound journey, designed to bring tranquility and balance to your Sunday. Join me in this moment of mindful indulgence and leave with a renewed sense of well-being, having nurtured and nourished your heart, mind and body.

*Please note, there are only x8 places available, to evoke a nurturing and intimate environment, so that you feel truly seen and held and supported with care. 

how to book......

Date: Sunday 21st April 2024

Time: 6pm till 7pm

Venue: Highett Neighbourhood Community House,

2 Livingston Street, Highett

Investment: $35 ~ includes a small gift from me

BYO yoga mat, blanket & pillow

Strictly limited to only x8 places.

(from 1st May price increase $45)

* Cancellation Policy: Please note this event is non-refundable event.

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