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Autumn & Spring Wellness Workshops for 2023

" A Time to Gather, Renew
& Awaken Your Spirit & Soul" 
Saturday 4th March & Saturday 2nd September 2023
2pm till 4.30pm

Take this time to "Gather, Renew and Awaken your Spirit & Soul. Enjoy an afternoon of reconnecting back to your inner child, through art and colour, followed by a beautiful nurturing mediation to renew your Spirit and a Sound Healing & Reiki Immersion to support & soothe your Soul.

Enjoy the afternoon of truly being taken cared for. Allowing yourself to switch off and disconnect from the busyness of your everyday life.

The first half of the Wellness Workshop is all about

"doing"~ gathering & awakening your Spirit & Soul with art and colour.

The second half of the Wellness Workshop is all about

"being" ~ renewing your Spirit & Soul with a guided meditation, Sound Healing & Reiki Immersion.

Come and celebrate the Seasons of Autumn & Spring and connect back to their emotional meaning ~ 

Autumn  ~ Letting Go & Refine 

Spring    ~ Inspiration and Growth

Autumn Walk

To Renew 


To Gather & Awaken 

Embrace and emerge yourself through creating your own artwork & colour, discovering how colour can have such an amazing impact and affect how you feel.

You will discover the emotional meaning & connection behind the world of colour and explore the meaing behind the colours that you choose to use in your own creative piece of art work.

Learn how to incorporate the world of colour in your everyday and how it can shift and change your emotions and how your feel.

By getting creative & reconnecting you back to your inner playful child, you awaken the Spirit within you through art.

You will take home your own special art piece, created by you, reflective of the Wellness Workshop that you attended.

Discover the emotional meaning behind Autumn or Spring Workshop and it's corresponding 

Element ~ Metal Element for Autumn &

Wood Element for Spring.

Also included in the workshop is a take home booklet, to continue your support with your own emotional & physical health & wellbeing.

After afternoon tea, you will take some time creating your own special Intention, supported & guided by Kathleen.

It will then be time for you, to rest & restore. You will be guided on a mediation journey, symbolic to the Season of either of Autumn or Spring that you are attending. 

To complete your afternoon of nurturing, you will then be taken on a Sound Healing, nestled under a blanket, allowing your mind & body to fully rest.

Enjoy being bathed with the vibrational healing sounds of crystal singing bowls, chimes, Tibetan bowls and more! Each attendee will also receive their own very special Reiki Healing Blessing by Kathleen.

You will leave the afternoon, feeling lighter, clearer and more energised, inspired to start "doing", having just had your Soul & Spirit "Awakened & Renewed", reconnecting you back to self.


Autumn & Spring Wellness Workshops 
A Gather, Renew & Awaken Your Spirit & Soul

Date: Saturday March 4th & September 2nd 2023

Time: 2pm till 4.30pm

Venue: Castlefield Community Centre

505 Bluff Road, Hampton 3188 VIC

Investment: $108, which includes take home gifts

Included: Afternoon tea, art materials, yoga mat, blanket, pillow and gifts. 

*please note this retreat is non-refundable, if 24hrs or less than notice of cancellation given. 

Bookings Open 4th February 2023

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