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Kathleen Kinesiology Wellbeing & Wellness Events with Sound Healing  

Reason for a Season,
Rhythms of Nature.
Rest, Restore & Nurture. 

Sound Bath & Meditation Journey

Come and enjoy this powerful hour of Sound & Meditation.

An Energy Reset for the Mind & Body.


Sound Healing has the ability to achieve profound states of relaxation, spiritual connection and helping to restore the normal vibratory frequencies of the cells in your body.

In this powerful healing & restorative hour, your Mind & Body, will be taken to a place where it can return back its natural place of calm and "being".

Kathleen will embrace you with her warm & nurturing nature, supporting & guiding with your health & wellbeing sound healing hour. 

The hour will begin by clearing & settling any nervous tension or stress that you may be holding onto, with EFT ~ Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping. Kathleen will guide you through this gentle & yet powerful technique, to reset your nervous system, allowing you to come to a place of rest, so that you can fully enjoy your hour. 
Enjoy a guided meditation, which will then lead you into your Sound Bath journey. You will be bathed by the sounds of Tibetan Singing Bowls, Koshi Chimes, Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls and Tin Chas. 

You will leave the hour feeling lighter, having returned calm and an inner peace back to your mind & body.

A holistic treatment & rebalance for all your senses. 
BYO ~ yoga mat, blanket and pillow

Date: Sunday 19th March 2023 ~ bookings open Feb 19th.

Time: 2.30pm till 3.30pm

Venue: Highett Neighborhood Community Centre, 2 Livingston Street, Highett

Investment: $27 and BYO yoga mat, blanket & pillow

*Payment for this workshop is non-refundable, if cancellation is 24hrs or less.


Wellness Evening for Women,

integrated with

Sound Healing & Meditation 

"Come Celebrate the Essence of the

Woman that you Are."  

My Wellness Evening for Women Workshop, is for you, if you are ~

* Ready to Reconnect with Self

* Ready to Reclaim Your Inner Soulful Beauty

* Ready to Reset your Emotional & Physical Energy

* Ready to Rediscover your Own Heart Space

* Ready to Rejoice in who you Truly are

* Ready to enjoy Time just for You to Rest

* Ready to just Be Still 

Date : Friday 17th February 2023

Time :  7.30pm -9pm

Investment : $55 per person, includes take home gift pack

Venue :  Highett Community Centre, 2 Livingston St, Highett 

You are welcome to bring your own mat, blanket & pillow, but all is provided for you. 

Contact Kathleen if you would like more information about the Evening.

These Evenings are run every 2 months, as they are unique in nature.

Strictly limited to only x8 participants, due to the nurturing nature of this workshop

*Payment for this workshop is non-refundable but can be exchanged for another date with 24hrs notice of cancellation.


What is Kinesiology?


Kinesiology is a gentle, yet powerful natural therapy. It can support the emotional and physical wellbeing. 

Using gentle muscle testing, it’s a natural bio-feedback mechanism which supplies information via the nerve pathway and meridian systems of the brain and body, known as our subconscious. It determines where there is an imbalance in the body.

What's involved?

In my Wellness & Well-Being Events, my vision and intention for each participant, is for them to find and to return to their natural state of calm & inner peace. To nurture their own heart space.

To Rest, Restore, Rebalance and Recharge their physical and emotional health, wellbeing and energy.

A time to for the Mind, Body, Soul & Spirit to be still.

I share with my participant’s tools that I have gathered in my own Kinesiology practice, to support my own physical and emotional health & wellbeing.

There is always A Reason for a Season, our Emotions reflect this and why we feel the way we do at times. It’s simply the rhythm of nature and it’s time to celebrate and embrace it and our own authentic self.

I incorporate in my Wellness and Well-Being Events, time to Celebrate each of the Seasons  ~

Summer : Empower,  

Autumn : Embody,

Winter : Embrace

Spring : Emerge

It is truly amazing and fascinating how the Seasons speak to us, on a physical and emotional level.

 What you will enjoy & experience in my

Wellness Evening for Women ~ 

* I will support & guide each participant, sharing & teaching the tools that I have learnt as a Kinesiologist and use in my everyday practice, to support my own health & wellness. These tools are shared, so that you can use them, to support your own health & wellness everyday and for your family. 

* Some of the tools included ~ EFT, Affirmation & Intention setting, Essential Oils, Colour Therapy and more.​

* Each participant is gifted their own personal journal, in which they will create their own heart centred Affirmation & Intention, supported by me using my "Today I Am Choosing...." word tool, that I have created, which each take home a copy. ​​

* To complete the evening, participants will be immersed in a 50min Sound Bath & Meditation to integrate their Evening of Wellness. Participants will leave feeling grounded, lighter, rested and an inner peacefulness in their heart space. 

Isn't it time that you took the time to invested in You?

Create some space in your diary every 2 months to invest & set aside some time to take care of you!

You are Worthy & Deserving of this time.

Time is precious and so are You!

I look forward to meeting & supporting you,

Kathleen xx. 

Hanging Herbs

Reason for A Season Essential Oil product range

My "Reason for A Season", essential oil blend range are made by Me with love and intention and can also be purchase separately for

30ml ~ $22

50ml ~ $27

100ml ~ $35


10ml Roll On Essential Oil $25

All made with 100% essential oils

Autumn  ~ Letting Go & Refine 

Winter    ~ Look within and Be Still

Spring    ~ Inspiration and Growth

Summer ~ Joy and Happiness

               ~ To Nurture and Ground

If you would like to purchase any "Reason for A Season" product, you can get in touch to order

here ~ 

Candles & Plants
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