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Nourish to Flourish Chakra Workshop
with Sound Healing


To Nourish 

To nurture, to cherish, to feed, to feel alive, strength, to love unconditionally & wholeheartedly, to calm your mind, to let go, lightness


To Flourish

To thrive, to prosper, to grow, to bloom, to grow within, to develop, to raise, to achieve success, to be in a state of activity, finding peace in every direction, graceful movement

In this beautiful & gentle 60min Wellness & Wellbeing Workshop, you will learn how to create a space for stillness, reconnection and lightness for your mind, body & spirit. This is an emotional & physical health and wellbeing check in workshop. I am a great believer, that knowledge about your health & wellbeing ~ mental & physical, is empowering. I encourage and in still this, into my practice working as a Kinesiology & Reiki Practitioner and also working as a Nurse with my patients.


My approach to health is holistic. When you understand and have greater knowledge of how your mind & body works, you feel more empowered. You create a space for healing.

This creates a connection between the mind, body & spirit ~ so you can truly Nourish to Flourish!

In each workshop, we will focus on learning about one of the 7 different Chakras  ~ Base, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye & Crown. I will also incorporate the season it relates to and how you too, can use this knowledge in your everyday, to rebalance your emotional & physical health & wellbeing. Everything is Energy and Energy is Everything. You as a beautiful Human being are Energy. 

I will also share my tips and tools that I have learnt working as a Nurse, Kinesiology & Reiki Practitioner, to support you. You will take a home your own personal workbook with all the information covered in the workshop, that has been specifically created by me, to use as a reference tool, for when you may want to use it. All materials are supplied for your nurturing comfort and care. 

You will also receive a Reiki Blessing & Balance, to the Chakra of the mini workshop that you attend.

To complete the hour, you will be bathed in Sound Therapy. This will nourish your mind, body & spirit, so you can truly flourish in your everyday. This will be truly be a holistic workshop for your mind, body & spirit.

about the workshop

This beautiful Wellness & Wellbeing Workshop will be run on a regular basis at my Wellness Clinic space.

There are only x4 special places available, due to the nurturing nature of this workshop. 

How to book......

Date:  Tues 17th Oct Throat Chakra, Tues 14th November Third Eye, 12th December Chakra Crown Chakra.

Time: 7.15pm till 8.15pm

Venue: Kathleen Kinesiology Wellness Clinic

15/1253 Nepean Hwy, Cheltenham 3192

Cost: $35, includes take home manual, small gift. Blanket, pillow, yoga mat provided for your comfort & care.

Cancellation Policy: this is non-refundable event

Book Here....

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